Our history

1869 – Early years of Ludwig Heumann

Ludwig Heumann was born as one of seven children near Nuremberg in 1869. As a child, he was introduced to the healing powers of herbs by his mother. Even after deciding to become a pastor, Ludwig Heumann’s interest in herbal medicine remained.

1913 – Ludwig Heumann & Co. is founded 

Intrigued by the ideas and brisk manner of Ludwig Heumann, Dr. Robert Pfaller decided to invest in the pastor’s passion. Due to the high demand for Heumann’s remedies and on the initiative of Robert Pfaller the company Ludwig Heumann & Co. was founded in 1913.

This newly established pharmaceutical company is one of the first to directly address patients in its advertisements; something almost unknown at that time. Nowadays, this approach is known as direct-to-customer advertising (DTC-advertising). Heumann developed and published innovative calendars including health advice and advertisement for Heumann pharmaceuticals. In the 1930s the steadily growing company expands its business by contracting pharmacies to have Heumann products on stock, which turns out to become yet another success story later on. 

1935 – Building a second factory in Nuremberg

A second factory was built in Nuremberg in 1935, increasing the capacities to meet the growing demand. 

After the complete destruction of the factory during Second World War, it was rebuilt according to the latest standards and production was restarted.

1953 – Invention of spray-dried medical tea

Heumann developed one of the gentlest methods to extract easily volatile and chemically unstable active ingredients from medicinal herbs. Until today, the manufacturing of medicinal teas for therapeutic use is based on this method.

1975 – Commissioning a new factory in Feucht near Nuremberg

Opening yet another factory in Feucht near Nuremberg also opened up new business areas. The driving force was synthesizing active pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical products. Successful international marketing of synthetically produced pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products quickly became an important pillar for Heumann Pharma.

1989 – Heumann Generics

In 1989, a line of generic products was introduced. The very first products were: Diclofenac Heumann, Atenolol Heumann and Tamoxifen Heumann.

From synthesizing ingredients up to the final controls of the finished product, everything was done in-house

1989 – Heumann and G.D. Searle

Despite the takeover in 1989 by G.D. Searle, the Monsanto company responsible for developing and selling pharmaceutical products, Heumann kept its autonomy.

1999 – Heumann as a subsidiary of Pharmacia

Heumann Pharma became a subsidiary of Pharmacia when Pharmacia & Upjohn fused with Monsanto.

2003 – Part of the Pfizer Group

After the acquisition of Pharmacia by Pfizer, Heumann became part of the Pfizer Group in Germany.

2004 – Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co. Generica KG

Following organizational restructuring, Heumann Pharma GmbH was divided in 2004. Emerging were Heumann PCS GmbH located in Feucht and Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co. KG located in Nuremberg, which continues the marketing and sales activities.

2005 – Subsidiary of Torrent Pharma

After being founded over 90 years ago, Heumann Pharma becomes part of the Torrent Group, a globally active pharmaceutical company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.

Until today, this strong connection is key for high-quality pharmaceutical products and affordable offers to customers.

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It was decided early on to participate in the bidding for tenders with health insurance companies marking another important milestone in the history of Heumann Pharma. These contracts are the foundation for the dynamic growth of the company and contribute significantly to our success story.

Today, Heumann Pharma is the seventh-largest single company for generic medicines on the German market. Together with HEUNET Pharma it is the fifth-largest pharmaceutical group for generic medicines in Germany (by sales (ApU); Date: MAT 03/2023).

Heumann Pharma ‘s full product range includes products with more than 191 active ingredients.