Heumann Pharma at a glance

Über Heumann Pharma

Heumann Pharma is a large, well-established pharmaceutical company with a long history and a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Trusted since 1913

Founded in 1913 by pastor Ludwig Heumann, Heumann Pharma is a pharmaceutical company with a long tradition and profound experience in producing medicines. When founding the company Ludwig Heumann’s goal was to offer affordable medicines and therapies to everyone. Even today, more than 100 years later, we at Heumann Pharma are still committed to this philosophy and continue to offer pharmaceutical products with proven active ingredients for a fair price.

The fifth-largest group for generic medicines in Germany

A well-established strategy: Heumann Pharma grew rapidly within the last few years; and together with the co-subsidiary HEUNET Pharma it became the fifth-largest pharmaceutical group for generic medicines in Germany (by sales (ApU); Date: MAT 03/2023). This was mainly accomplished by focusing on tenders. For about 86% of our prescription medicines such contracts have been signed with statutory as well as private health insurances companies.

From Acemetacin to Zopiclon: More than 160 different active ingredients 

Heumann Pharma has a large portfolio of prescription medicines with more than 160 active ingredients. This allows Heumann Pharma to cover a large range of indications, which translates into astonishing numbers: In 2023, over 16 million packs of Heumann prescription medicines made it into the homes of patients. Each and every pack of the affordable Heumann Pharma medicines contributes directly to lowering the cost of the healthcare system.

More than 25 over-the-counter medicines against everyday ailments

Heumann Pharma also offers affordable over-the-counter medicines to treat many common ailments such as headaches or colds. With our growing range of over-the-counter medicines, currently more than 25, you can treat many everyday ailments yourself.